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The Abbey Experience, Wymondham Abbey, Norfolk

The Abbey Experience is a new-build project which integrates the use and experience of Wymondham Abbey, the surrounding meadow and ruins, and the archives and collections, in a way that transforms the previous experience and learning opportunities offered to visitors. This has been achieved with the provision of new flexible spaces to cater for a wide range of activities, displays, interpretation and learning, to welcome everyone to the Abbey.  The ambitious aims of the £2.75m HLF-funded project included the design and installation of a range of interpretative displays to explain the Abbey building and its role in the town through nine centuries.  The unique and nationally-important parish archives, some dating back over 700 years, are made accessible to a wider public through artefact displays, audiovisual media and touchscreen interactives.  The new facility provides an educational service to schools and learning groups of all ages.  Drawing on characters from the colourful history of the Abbey, new guides and tours were developed for specific audience segments including schools and special interest groups.

Craftsmanship Award &
President's Award
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